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Proposed Gypsy Moth Quarantine [pdf]

Forestry Links

Minnesota Forest Resources Council

Minnesota Logger Education Program

Minnesota Forest Industries

Sustainable Forestry Initiative

Forest Stewardship Council

Forest Certification: Forest Certification is a voluntary third-party process to verify and recognize sustainably managed forests as measured by ecological, economic, and social benchmarks. Fiber from certified forestland can move through production streams, thus enabling the end product to receive a certified logo informing customers that the product came from a certified, well-managed forest and was manufactured responsibly. Chain-of-Custody (CoC) Certification is a process that tracks materials from the forest to the consumer, verifying that the product was grown, harvested and manufactured consistent with the principles of Forest Certification. Hedstrom Lumber Company #SCS-COC-003302 / FSC-C099963 produces products certified by the independent Forest Stewardship Council™ .

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Richard J. Olson: full service, client-centered custom home remodeling and interior design. Certified Interior Design for retail, office, commercial, and hospitality projects

Northern Wilds: published for almost 10 years. It comes out every month with 12,000 copies regularly distributed in prime pickup locations from Duluth to Thunder Bay. We focus on the outdoor lifestyle of Lake Superior’s North Shore, including the BWCAW and northwestern Ontario, by covering all aspects of the outdoors with news, feature stories and color photos.